2017 GR Minutes of the Workshop

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Make new branch the default branch, but make the releases clearly visible on the frontpage ASAP CSTB
Agree on partners listed in the licence ASAP All WG leaders
Give written accord to the Apache Licence ASAP All listed partners
Feedback on availability for the next workshop : Options November 7, 8, 14, 15 or Decembre 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 ASAP All partners
Codelist : Agree on high-level values. Plan an online meeting Before next workshop Luca, Usman, Lydia CSTB, Emilien CSTB, Romain, Mariam, Joachim
Dedicated WG/online meeting on simulation results and measurements + create milestone on Github Before next workshop Kanishk, Joachim, Pascal, Romain
Guidelines and testing automation : create stand alone sample files with explicit names to be as example Before next workshop All WG


Presentations and Minutes

Welcome on behalf CSTB + Presentation of Activities of CSTB relying on CityGML

Pascal Schetelat (CSTB)
Presentation: PDF file of the slides

  • Brief welcome
  • Presentation of CityGML related work at CSTB
    • unification of data models across domain specific studies
    • developing custom ADEs for specific simulation tools’ needs, integrated to public ADEs when worth sharing
    • biggest challenge: filling the gaps in data! Not reading it!
  • Presentation of EveBIM software:
  • CSTB Wishlist :
    • a nice way to store ADE files in database
    • a material module independent from energy ADE for cross domain studies -> not planned as yet
    • unique ID reference for materials, collecting all domain specific parameters. On independent ADE -> on unique ID, ongoing work: referent = Thomas Kolbe
    • idem, independent module for occupancy module -> not planned as yet

Report on the last semester (All WG leaders)

Romain Nouvel (HFT Stuttgart)
Presentation: PDF file of the slides

Mentimeter quiz on:
Activity :
  • Activity (measured on GitHub activity) is not constant; attendance to workshops is diminishing -> Would be nice to integrate work on energy ADE into projects, to have time and budget (work on ADE is not only standardization, but also interoperability)
  • Many companies/countries are interested, but not necessarily active… -> Build interest through common publications for example
Organisation :
  • Wiki page: http://en.wiki.energy.sig3d.org
  • 4 working groups with each 2 coordinators:
  • Building physics: Romain & Mostafa
  • Occupancy: Piergiorio & Giorgio
  • Energy use and systems: Moritz & Silvia
  • Time-dependant data: Alexandru & Kanishk
  • Technical committee in charge of XML schema: Joachim & Elisa

Problem: there are often collisions between several issues

  • General:
    • Issue created on Github
    • Discussion ongoing, including a feedback from technical committee which has the global overview
    • When discussion has found a consensus, add a “validated by WG” tag
    • TC: Go to modelisation
    • WG: actualize guidelines in the corresponding Github branch, including examples (doc/guidelines/Guidelines_EnergyADE.md, linked to figures in /fig)
    • If need be: feedback from WG, changes by TC
  • Github branches:
    • Master branch = current validated version (today 0.8)
    • When new branch (0.9) is stabilized (including guidelines), merge it to master branch
    • NB: make new branch the default branch, but make the releases clearly visible on the frontpage
  • mid-June: Github issues
  • July: draft modelisation (Joachim)
  • end-July: edit guidelines by WG (in parallel to modelisation) -> edits can be suggested directly into issues, so update is easy and quick a validation by all
  • Mid-August: release of .xsd and guidelines
Timeline for v1.0 :

Before v1.0 there needs to be testing on real case tools… we need to accelerate on this in upcoming semester

  • Proposals for modeling changes:
    • Energy and system
    • Q/ how to integrate simulation data? With Dynamizer module?
    • Q/ management of codelists -> WG
Apache license 2.0:
  • Objective: protect our development, before it becomes an OGC standard
  • Implications: anyone can use it, but need to integrate a specific text in header of documents (text quotes license and participant organisations with email contact)
  • In order to go forward:
    • Mustafa needs an explicit email agreement from each participant partner
    • We need to agree on which organizations should be quoted in license (some participate to workshops but are not active, and some are active but do not participate to workshop) -> criteria proposal: regularly active on Github, reactive to emails (to be discussed further)
Next meeting: Karlsruhe
  • Options: 7, 8, 14, 15 November; 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 December
  • Provide feedback to Romain on availability

Codelist concrete implementation

Luca Giovannini (Dedagroup Public Sector & Utilities)
Presentation: PDF file of the slides

Working document on Google doc

To do :
  • Link to be added in GitHub readme
  • Add a column “source” or “reference”
  • Verify English translations
  • Discuss unclear points
  • Designate one person per language
  • BuildingTypeValue:
    • Source: physical architecture typology comes frome TABULA project (now EPISCOPE)
    • Issues: Make all labels identical: “XX building”
  • Agree on high-level values -> plan an online meeting (Usman, Lydia CSTB, Emilien CSTB, Romain, Mariam, Joachim)
  • Create expanded version (subvalues) for more clarity, precision? -> discussion on subvalues for next version
  • CurrentUseValue:
    • Source: Geomark city project
  • See: CityGML codelist (Joachim to provide URL link)
  • EnergySourceValue:
    • Work on definitions needed -> all
  • OccupantTypeValue:
    • Work on definitions needed -> all
  • OfficialAreaReferenceValue:
    • Issue: not one national way to measure net surface -> should use possibility to define surface type

Store Energy Simulation results / inputs

Joachim Benner (KIT)
Presentation: PDF file of the slides

Issues :
  • Automatic generation of a diagram legend -> optional character string “thematicDescription” in TimeSeriesProperties (a dataType does not have a gml_name!)
    • WeatherData -> need to be aggregated in a WeatherStation
    • Q/ generalization to noise etc.? -> this is domain specific (inside Energy ADE)
    • Q/ what if sensor inside building? -> not weather…
    • Q/ context can sometimes have a big impact on measurements -> add a human-readable description for all additional info
    • Q/ will there be a Sensor module in CityGML 3.0? -> No…
  • EnergySimulationResults: metadata, link to raw data, …
    • Q/ what conceptual difference between simulated and measured data? -> none, but it is difficult to work on too generic feature types -> Pb: some simulation outputs are inputs for other simulations -> this is simulation metadata (input data, simulation model used, date…)
    • Add a code snipet, or contact person?
    • Value: can be Measure or TimeSeries -> include only aggregated values in CityGML? -> Pb: co-simulation needs the extensive simulation results
  • -> Need to look into the Sensor ML (with metadata, sensor can be real or virtual) + Observations ML (supports external references), which are parts of Sensor Observation Service -> dedicated WG/online meeting on simulation results and measurements (Kanishk, Joachim, Pascal, Romain) + create a milestone on Github linked to all related issues, with definition of both “measurements” and “results”

PostgreSQL-based extension 3DCityDB for energy ADE 0.8.0

Giorgio Agugiaro (AIT)
Presentation: PDF file of the slides

  • Growing demand for an ADE-aware DB solution
  • Design criteria
  • Implementation steps

Temporal data and Dynamizer Module

Kanishk Chaturvedi (TUM)
Presentation: PDF file of the slides

  • “Mini Sensor Observation Service” (mini SOS): lightweight service
    • work with arbitrary tabular data source (including ADE Dynamizer)
    • provide multiple interfaces
  • -> explicit link to Sensor
    • “getSensorObservation”

Testing automation (Pascal – CSTB)

Pascal Schetelat (CSTB)
Presentation: PDF file of the slides
Motivation: ensure coherence in the GitHub repository (UML file, guidelines, sample files, 3DCityDB SQL schema)

  • Testing what can be automated :
  • Test sample files against latest energy.xsd schema implemented on the GitHub repository
  • For all WG: create sample files with explicit names so they can be both tested and integrated into the guidelines
  • Schematron compliance
    • Works in principle, but little practical impact because very simple
    • More useful would be geometric checking… but this would need a geometric module
  • Generation of 3DCityDB SQL schema? -> Not yet
  • 3D Validation : can City Dr be used ?
  • Class generation for different languages? -> Interests in Java and Python

Feedback on Energy ADE application in simulation tools (Joachim – KIT and Jérôme – Kaemco)

Joachim – KIT and Jérôme – Kaemco (KIT / Kaemco)
Presentation: PDF file of the slides

  • GUI for manual enrichment of CityGML files
  • Use of CityGML LoD2: compromise between availability and functionality