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Welcome on the Energy ADE development Wiki, hosted by SIG3D

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Latest News

Short Description of the Energy ADE

No widely applicable open model standard exists until now for Urban Energy Modelling.
Developers of new urban energy tools have created their own tailor-made data-models, while municipalities and other urban information data administrators have their own database structure to collect and manage urban information. As such, these models exist without interoperability and exchange possibilities between the stakeholders, tools and expert fields.

Since May 2014, a growing international consortium of urban energy simulation developers and users (14 European organisations from 6 countries in December 2015) has sought to address this need by developing an Urban Energy Information standard, as an Application Domain Extension (ADE) of the CityGML urban information model.
This Energy ADE aims to store the necessary data for space heating and cooling simulation and audits, building occupancy modelling, energy system modelling, solar energy analysis etc.
It aims to deal with different data qualities, levels of details and urban energy models complexities (from monthly energy balance of ISO 13790, to sub-hourly dynamic simulation of softwares like CitySim or EnergyPlus). It takes into consideration the INSPIRE Directive of the European Parliament, as well as the recent US Building Energy Data Exchange Specification (BEDES).
Its structure is thought of as modular; some of its modules can be potentially used and extended for other applications (e.g. module Occupancy for socio-economics, module Materials for acoustics or statics, module Metadata and Scenarios for every urban analysis).

The concrete output of this development is a class diagramm and a XML Schema freely available.

The Energy ADE Development Group

We are an international consortium of urban energy modellers and users from research centers and private companies, created in May 2014 and since constantly growing:

  • in Germany: the Special Interest Group 3D (SIG3D), University of Applied Sciences Stuttgart, Technische Universität Munich, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, European Institute for Energy Research, RWTH Aachen University / E.ON Energy Research Center and E3D - Institute of Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Building, HafenCityUniversität Hamburg, M.O.S.S Computer Grafik Systeme
  • in France: Centre Scientifique et Technique du Batiment, Electricité de France
  • in Italy: Dedagroup Public Services
  • in Austria: Austrian Institute of Technology
  • in Switzerland: Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, ETH Zürich, kaemco
  • in Luxemburg: Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology
  • in Netherland: TU Delft
  • in USA: Laurence Berkeley Laboratory
Every new organisation willing to participate actively to this Energy ADE development is very welcome.
For this purpose, please contact SIG3D.

Dissemination Activities

Presentations and publications

Conference Paper: available soon
Presentation: available soon
Conference Paper: Development of the CityGML Application Domain Extension Energy for Urban Energy Simulation
Presentation: available soon
Tutorial: CityGML Energy ADE–3D City Models for Energy Simulation on Urban Scale, presented by Volker Coors, 27th Oct 2015
  • Conference CISBAT, 9-11th September 2015, in Lausanne - Switzerland
Conference Paper: Genesis of the new CityGML Energy ADE
Poster: Genesis of the new CityGML Energy ADE
Conference Paper: Urban energy simulation of the EPFL campus in Fribourg using a new paradigm: the CityGML application domain extension energy
Presentation: Development of the CityGML ADE Energy
Minutes of the workshop
Presentation: Current Status of the Energy ADE for CityGML
More information: 3DIM DWG
  • Publication in Journal of the National Institute of Building Sciences
Article: Casper, E.; Häfele, K.-H.; Kaden, R.: "OGC Standard CityGML Opens Up New Applications In Energy Simulations" in: "Journal of the National Institute of Building Sciences", Dec 2014, p.30-32 ( JNIBS Article, JNIBS Abstract )

Next participations/contributions to conferences and events

  • OGC Meeting, Dublin, June
  • Sustainable built Environment Conference, Zürich, 16th of June
  • ISPRS Congress, Prague, 16th of July.
  • SmartCities Conference, Split, 16th of September

Related Information and links

Community Portal

The Community Portal and the current working results of the CityGML EnergyADE Working Group are now available via GitHub.