2018 DE Minutes of the Workshop

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Agenda and Main Topics

Wednesday, 5th December 2018

Topic Presenters
CityGML crash course
  • Introduction to CityGML (PDF)
  • UML in a nutshell: reading and understanding class diagrams
  • CityGML modules: Core, Building, CityObjectGroup, Generics

  • G. Agugiaro (TU Delft)
  • An overview of tools to work with CityGML (with examples) (PDF)
  • K. Kumar (TU Delft)

Energy ADE crash course

  • Introduction to the Energy ADE (PDF)
  • Energy ADE structure and modules
  • A quick mention to the Utility Network ADE

  • G. Agugiaro
  • An overview of tools to work with the Energy ADE (with examples) (PDF)
  • K. Kumar

Thursday, 6th December 2018

Topic Presenters
Arriving, catching up with one another and morning coffee

Energy ADE workshop - Organisational meeting

  • Welcome
  • A short presentation of 3D Geoinformation at TU Delft (PDF)
  • The new delevelopment platform on GitLab
  • Report on the Energy ADE questionnaire (PDF)
  • Updates on the Energy ADE codelists (PDF)
  • Short report on SUMERA project (PDF)

  • G. Agugiaro
  • J. Stoter (TU Delft)
  • M. Lauster (RTWH Aachen)
  • J. Benner (KIT)
  • P. Cipriano (DedaGroup)
  • A. Nichersu (EIFER)

KNOWLEDGE EXCHANGE EVENT on "Energy & the digital built environment"

  • Welcome, introduction and a (brief) overview of the Energy ADE (PDF)
  • Building thermal energy simulations supported by the CityGML Energy ADE (PDF)
  • INSPIRE and CityGML Energy ADE: an example from the CitiEnGov project (PDF)
  • Bringing together (2D, 3D) GIS, BIM and utility networks: some thoughts on current challenges (PDF)
  • Modeling coupled urban systems: Data and computing challenges (PDF)
  • Minimizing uncertainty in modelling urban building energy using 3D city models and Bayesian inference (PDF)
  • Co-simulation of multi-commodity energy systems (PDF)

  • G. Agugiaro
  • J. Benner (KIT)
  • P. Cipriano (DedaGroup)
  • J. van Gelder (GEONOVUM/Alliander)
  • T. Hong (LBNL)
  • C.-K. Wang (TU Delft)
  • A. van der Meer (AMS/TU Delft)

Friday, 7th December 2018

Topic Presenters

Energy ADE workshop - Technical meeting

  • Updates on the BuildingZero project (PDF)
  • Updates on the CityJSON Energy Extension (PDF)
  • 3D and the energy transition (PDF)
  • First experiences using the Energy ADE with the "way2smart" simulation engine: Problems and potentials (PDF)
  • Making the Energy ADE "energy-friendlier"? (PDF)
  • Updates from project IntegrCity (PDF)

  • A. Gilliland (BuildingZero)
  • H. Ledoux (TU Delft)
  • S. Hettinga (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)
  • S. Schneider (Technikum Wien)
  • P. Wate (HFT Stuttgart)
  • G. Agugiaro (TU Delft)
Conclusions and next steps (PDF)
  • Further dissemination
  • Implementation, tests and test data
  • Next Energy ADE workshop?

All (Chairs: G. Agugiaro, J. Benner)