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4th Workshop CityGML EnergyADE - Munich (Germany), 30th of November and 1st of December 2015

The workshop is hosted by 110px-TUMLogo oZ Outline blau RGB.jpg and supported by OGC Logo 2D Blue No Border.png and 201303 SIG3D Logo.png

Participant contacts

List of participants and contacts

Minutes of the meeting

Presentations and minutes of the EnergyADE Workshop - Munich 2015

Action Items (Dec. 2015 - May 2016)

Finish the XML sample started during the workshop and lay them on the Github Repository XML Team, with support of WG leaders
December 2015
Discuss and fix latest Requests of Changes identified during the meeting ALL
December 2015
Update Wiki, deleting private page, and expliciting how to join the Energy ADE development in the main page. Create mailing lists Egbert and Romain
December 2015
Integrate the parameter definitions (from the documentation table) in the XML Scheme XML Team
January 2016
Write the Guidelines of the Energy ADE 0.6 ( file in the Github Repository, including main concepts, definitions, illustrations and some XML examples. Each WG
Mid-February 2016
Release new version Energy ADE 0.6, including XML Scheme and Guidelines. XML Team
January 2016
Harmonize Time Series and Schedules of Energy ADE 0.6 with the CityGML 3.0/Dynamics development Romain, Mostafa and Kanishk
January 2015
Add new XML sample on the Github Repository based on the new Energy ADE v0.6 KIT: Building sample and construction / Kaemco: Time series and System / Occupancy: EIFER / Thermal zone: HFT
March 2015
Get new active participants to the WG ALL
Include the dissemination materials (e.g. papers, presentations and posters) in the wiki: ALL

Workshop Organization

Aim of the workshop

The OGC CityGML SWG, the SIG 3D, the Technische Universtät München ( TUM ) at Munich, Germany will host a joint workshop regarding the development of a CityGML ADE for building energy calculation.
It will be the opportunity to gather requirements, ideas, suggestions, and positive as well as negative experience from CityGML users, data producers, software vendors, and scientists developing and using a CityGML Energy Application Domain Extension.
The aim of this follow up workshop is to discuss the Energy ADE milestones, updates on the new Energy ADE release, the remaining issues, compatibility of the recent release and related work.
In addition to that, we would like to keep on going with the parallel small group sessions on the different ADE Energy modules and give it a bit extra time so as to discuss and demonstrate some solutions during the workshop if possible.
This 4th EnergyADE workshop will take place as a follow up workshop on the 30th November and 1st December, 2015 in Munich, Germany.

Agenda and Addressed Topics

The detailed agenda can be found here: Agenda of the Workshop.
Further information on each topic can be found here: Workshop Topics.

Who should participate

If you are a CityGML user, data producer, software vendor or a scientist working on energy topics based on CityGML, you are encouraged to participate in the workshop.
If you are involved in simulations but not yet familiar with CityGML and interested in an interoperable and compatible exchange model for city simulations you are also welcome.

The organizers will contact a number of individuals and groups from which they know about their CityGML activities in the energy sector and ask them for presentations soon if not done.

If you are developers/users of urban energy simulation models, we would like also to ask you 2-3 slides about the energy simulation model (which physical model? is it a standard?), the data model (UML Schema) and the possible building data libraries you used. Please send us these slides before the November 13th (Mostafa Elfouly ). We would integrate this information in a comparison study during the morning session (“Review of urban energy models and their data requirements”). .

Because of the number of active participants, unfortunately we won’t have enough time for a presentation from each participant about their recent developments on urban energy model. We rather want to privilege an open discussion afternoon. Nevertheless, if you want to send us presentations (pdf format) relevant for the common development of a CityGML Energy ADE, we will release them on the wiki of SIG3D.


Registration is necessary. Please send a mail with Name / Company / Mail Adress to Mostafa Elfouly.
Be aware that the number of participant is limited. Deadline for registration: 2015-11-13.

Costs of participation

The event is sponsored by the Chair of Geoinformatics at Technische Universität München. Hence, participation is free of charge including coffee breaks. Costs for travel and accommodation will be at the participants own expense.

Organizing Committee

Thomas H. Kolbe, Mostafa Elfouly Technische Universtät München
Greg Buehler Open Geospatial Consortium
Egbert Casper SIG 3D of the Geodata Infrastructure Germany


For any questions regarding the workshop, please contact Mostafa Elfouly.

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The workshop is hosted and supported by 110px-TUMLogo oZ Outline blau RGB.jpg