2015 Minutes of the Workshop

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Presentations and Minutes

TOP 1: Welcome Address from the organisers

Prof. Thomas H. Kolbe (TU Munich)

Presentation: To be provided

Current research projects taking place at TUM that are closely related to EnergyADE development:

  • Linking sensors and city models
  • Development of the Dynamics part of CityGML 3.0
  • Building a General Indicator Modelling (GIM) and how it can help in understanding building compositions and estimating heat energy demands
  • Demonstration of the Web-Client in visualising 3D City Models and how it can be used for heat energy estimation

TOP 2: Organisation and Dissemination activities

Romain Nouvel (HFT Stuttgart)

Presentation: Meeting Introduction

New presentation Template for Energy ADE!!!
For the presentations in the name of the Energy ADE and for our Workshops, here is the new template: Presentation Template

Dissemination of last semester

All this dissemination information must be updated on the public wiki. The private part of the wiki is not useful anymore (all development process is centralized on the GitHub) and can be deleted.

ACTION (ALL) Include the latest dissemination materials (e.g. papers, presentations and posters) and attended conferences in the wiki: http://en.wiki.energy.sig3d.org/index.php?title=Main_Page&action=edit&section=4
ACTION (E. Casper) Make the Wiki fully public. Delete the community portal and forum

TOP 3: GitHub Use: XML Schema, Requests of Change and Guidelines

Olivier Tournaire

Olivier presented how to use the issue. Basically, there are some "developers" (TC comittee + WG leaders) and "users" rights (all others). Everybody can create and comment issues, and write in the guidelines. Developers may set the labels and Milestones.

Process of Issue / request of Change
The process of Issue / request of Change is fully centralised on the GitHub platform. The following process has been discussed and agreed:

  1. Open the Issue and labelling it with the concerned WG(s)
  2. Discussed internally in WG until the agreement
  3. Once agreed internally, recap in a final comment: the motivations + the detailed request of changes (integrated definitions, types etc.)
  4. Check by requested people (TC or WG). If not ok: start agiain from 2. If ok: label the issue accordingly ("Validated by the WG" and "Validated by the TC"), and set the corresponding Milestone
  5. Once integrated in the UML Scheme and agreed with the WG, close the issue

Esteban Munoz presented how everybody can edit Guidelines on the Github: file Guidelines_Energy.md

GitHub open or private?
Calling for making the Github platform totally accessible to non-registered. Pros:

  • Get new fresh out of the box ideas
  • Outreach and spread the word


  • It will consume sometime to filter the ideas and make sure that it can really have a positive impact in the EnergyADE development

A vote has been held with 20 Yes's and 1 No. It has been decided to make the Wiki fully public, with a clear link to the Github platform which remain for the moment private. Interested users is to contact Olivier Tournaire (or one of the development committee) to get an access for the Github.

ACTION (Olivier Tournaire): Check if we can open the WGs without the development branch on the GitHub
ACTION (development committee): Olivier Tournaire (or someone from the development committee) may provide a tutorial for using the Github
ACTION (WGs): Contribute to the Guidelines on the GitHub

TOP 4: Work realised in WG Occupancy

Jean-Marie Bahu & Piergiorgio Cipriano (EIFER, Sinergis)

Presentation: EnergyADE Occupancy

Jean-Marie & Piergiorgio discussed the organisation of the WG, activites, request of changes for the EnergyADE v0.6, and what they have tackled within the last 6 months.
Piergiorgio demonstrated the usage of INSPIRE codelists.

Raised Issues:

  • What should be CodeList / Enumeration in the Energy ADE Schema? -> Enumeration are fixed (End-Use Types, Ownership Types), while CodeList may be extended (Refurbishment class).
  • Should we use stick to CityGML codelist or INSPIRE codelist? -> How to control the possible changes in the INSPIRE Registery?

K-H Häfele suggest to look the inspiring ObXML for occupant modeling

ACTION (KIT): Send link schema for OBXML to Occupancy WG
ISSUE(Occupancy): Improve the documentation and guidelines
ISSUE(Occupancy): Decide what is CodeList, what is Enumeration. Investigate further the use of the INSPIRE registery

TOP 5: Collaboration with OGC

Athina Trakas (OGC)

Presentation: Soon available.

  • Presentation of OGC Standard Working Group (SWG CityGML leader is Carsten Roensdorf) and Pilot projects (New pilot FutureCities) * Once the Energy ADE will reach a stable phase (successfully tested, very few revisions still needed), it is possible to provide a Best Practice Paper to OGC (inspired from our Guidelines).

TOP 6: Work realised in WG Energy Use and Systems

Jerome Kämpf (EPFL)

Presentation: Energy ADE - WG Energy and Systems

  • Restructuration of the XML Schema, with a star structure centered on the EnergyDemand
  • Some further participants are required (only 5)
  • Need to work closely with WG Occupancy during the next semester.

TOP 7: Implementation of Energy ADE in Software CitySIM

Jerome Kämpf & Silvia Coccolo (EPFL)

Presentation: Implementation of Energy ADE in CitySim
Presentation: Concrete application case of CitySim

  • Concrete application cases of CitySIM
  • How to connect urban simulation tool CitySIM and CityGML Energy ADE (Methodology)
  • Case study: The EPFL Campus in Lausanne

Time Interval problem

  • The simulation tools generally use TMY, so that the dates of the results are not relevant

Mandatory energy unit

  • The energy unit should be a mandatory attribute (but all other units too)

Optional elements

  • Some of the mandatory elements should be optional.

List of units to use

  • A list of SI units or other should be put in the Energy ADE (maybe as codelist?), otherwise the tools may have difficulties to recognize it

LODs in the energy ADE

  • Some thoughts should be made on how to define different LODs not only for Schedules but also for the buildings, thermal and usage zones
  • We can have a generic description that is mandatory and details that depend on the LoD?


  • Question: Suitable surface for PV? -> rather an indicator depending on criteria (irradiance threshold etc.
IMG 20151209 150237060.jpg

TOP 8: Implementation of Energy ADE in EnEff Campus: RoadMap

Mark-Alexander Brüntjen & Christian Fliegner (RWTH Aachen)

Presentation: To be provided

  • Concrete application case of EnEff Campus Project

TOP 9: Implementation of Energy ADE in SimStadt: An Energy ADE Plugin for CityDoctor

Marcel Bruse (HFT Stuttgart - Geoinformatics)

Presentation: Energy ADE Support for SimStadt

  • Concrete application case of SimStadt
  • How to integrate the Energy ADE in a java-based tools

TOP 10: Typological Issues around the ThermalZone Implementation

Prof. Volker Coors (HFT Stuttgart - Geoinformatics)

Presentation: To be provided

  • Relations between AbstractBuilding <> ThermalZone <> ThermalBoundary <> ThermalComponent
  • Adjacency Concept/Specifications

K-H Häfele: ThermalZone and ThermalBoundary needs geometry for validation purposes (optional) (Karl-Heinz)

IMG 20151209 083627455.jpg

TOP 11: Work realised in WG Building Physics

Romain Nouvel ( HFT Stuttgart - Zafh.net)

Presentation: Status and Issues related to WG Building Physics

WG ADE Core and WG Construction have been merged in a unique WG Building Physics, since they were closely interrelated by the XML Schema and participants

Energy Certification

  • Keep one attribute for energy certification instead of combining attributes (Joachim)
  • DateOfCertification is to be added as an attribute (Joachim & Maryam)
  • LabelOfEnergyPerformance attribute is to be added (Volker Coors)

Protected buildings and Cultural heritage

  • Protected Buildings/Zones: Used in energy refurbishment planning, but rather concerns CityGML 3.0 than specifically the Energy ADE. It was decided to not extra change it and keep links feasible with other initiatives.

Date of Refurbishment
->if it's date it will need a day, month and year of refurbishment which is difficult to get. So it's better to change it to PeriodOfRefurbishment? (Joachim, FIXME!)

Scale needs to be clarified if it's between 0-1 or 0-100.
Otherwise, further discussions on CodesList/Enumeration and Measurement units.

IMG 20151209 090404419.jpg

TOP 12: Roadmap toward Energy v1.0

Before Energy ADE 1.0

  • More test cases and examples must be provided, from all the WGs
  • Guidelines or "Best practice paper" should clearly described the Energy ADE for external users


  • Investigate TimeSeries XML and how to integrate it into CityGML. 2 possibilities:
  1. Extern through a reference in the schema
  2. Extern through a reference to an external file
  3. Intern through time series objects
  • Difficulties to combine relative & absolute time values
  • UOM attribute should be added

ACTION (Romain & Mostafa): Romain Nouvel, Mostafa Elfouly & Kanishk Chaturvedi from TUM will check the Schedules and TimeSeries and its conformity to the development of the dynamics part of CityGML 3.0 in order to avoid any overlap (some features seem to be very similar)
ACTION (KIT): Provide construction modelling examples
ACTION (EPFL): Provide time series and system modelling examples
ACTION(Occupancy, JMB, EM): Provide occupancy profile example
IMG 20151209 135242033.jpg

TOP 13: Planning of Next steps

OGC TC Meeting in Sydney
-> Energy ADE development work was presented by Prof. Volker Coors on the 02.12.2015 at the OGC TC Meeting in Sydney via online conf.

Further process proposed for the ADE development into the OGC

  • Maintain good visibility by regular attendance at the OGC TC Meetings (in the 3DIM or Energy DWG)
  • Develop clear guidelines for the new version Energy ADE 0.6, integrating concept presentation, main definitions, illustration/visualisation and XML examples.
  • Once a version 1.0 we will reached, send a Best Practice paper to OGC
  • Be synchronised with the CityGML 3.0 developments (and in particular Metadata WG and Dynamics WG)

Mailing List

  • Provide different mailing lists: Global & WG-specific ones
ACTION (E. Casper]): Provide list of possible solutions

Dissemination Activities till next workshop

  • 14th International Conference of the International Building Performance Simulation Association, Hyderabad (India), 5th of December - Silvia Coccolo and Moritz Lauster

Two conference papers and oral Presentations: "Urban energy simulation based on a new data model paradigm: the CityGML Application Domain Extension Energy. A case study in the EPFL campus of Lausanne" and "Development of the CityGML Application Domain Extension for Urban Energy Simulation".

  • SUNSHINE final conference, Bologna, 14th of January - Jean-Marie Bahu.
  • OGC Meeting, Washington, March
  • OGC Meeting, Dublin, June
  • Sustainable built Environment Conference, Zürich, 16th of June
  • ISPRS Congress, Prague, 16th of July.
  • SmartCities Conference, Split, 16th of September

Next Meeting

  • Organized in May or June 2016.
  • Location: Vienna
  • Contact Person: Giorgio Aguiaro
ACTION (Giorgio): Giorgio will setup a doodle for next WS keeping in mind the public holidays