2016 W Minutes of the Workshop

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Create new branch Energy ADE v0.7 Olivier Tournaire
Discuss and fix latest Requests of Changes identified during the meeting (in particular the issues #74, #76, #79 and #109) ALL
June 15th
Update the XML Scheme according to the Requests of Change and lay it on the new GitHub branch Joachim Benner
June 20th 2016
Guidelines v0.7, based on guidelines v0.7, according to XML scheme modifications (check XML examples) WG leaders and their Group
Fix licence of Energy ADE v0.7 Thomas, Volker, Piergiorgio and Moritz
Official release of Energy ADE 0.7, including XML Scheme and Guidelines. XML Team
July 31th
Create new XML examples according to Energy ADE 0.7 ALL
Discuss of Energy ADE 0.7 ALL

Presentations and Minutes

Welcome from the organisers

Giorgio Agugiaro (AIT)
Presentation: PDF file of the slides

  • Brief welcome and introduction about AIT
  • Some notes about projects and research topics in AIT which are related to the Energy ADE
  • Short introduction round of all participants. The new participants have known of the Energy ADE and the workshop mostly by word of mouth (from AIT, HFT, etc.) or because of European projects which might benefit from the Energy ADE.

Introduction to the Energy ADE, current status

Romain Nouvel (HFT Stuttgart)
Presentation: PDF file of the slides

  • Short description of how the Energy ADE is structured and works in organisatorial terms.
  • Review of past and future dissemination work
  • Presentation of the first guidelines document for version 0.6
  • Notes about cooperation with other OGC standards and/or parallel research topics
    • TimeSeriesML 1.0
    • Dynamizer Module integrated in CityGML 3.0
    • UtilityNetwork ADE
    • INSPIRE/BEDES data specification and codelists
  • Brief notes about the UtilityNetwork ADE: development started at TU Berlin, now continued at KIT and TU München. In general: great interest due to the complementarity of the UtilityNetwork ADE with the Energy ADE.
  • About Energy ADE and CityGML 3.0: In general, the Energy ADE is currently tailored to CityGML 2.0, as this is the currently available latest CityGML version. It will be adapted and made CityGML 3.0 compliant when the new version of CityGML is released.

Report from the WG Energy Use and Systems

Moritz Lauster (RWTH Aachen)
Presentation: PDF file of the slides to be uploaded soon

  • Due to the complexity of the module, some changes have been made towards simplification
  • Nevertheless, more use cases and examples are needed. Proposition: move workflows for request of changes in github wiki, make list of examples and tools supporting the ADE.
  • About Units of Measure: Currently two proposals, one from J. Benner (KIT)) (an informal standard) and another one (ISO DIN80000-1). For long term consider a proposal from N. Ghiassi (TU Wien) regarding using ontology as a standard to replace the current ones.

Report from the WG Building physics

Romain Nouvel (HFT Stuttgart)
Presentation: PDF file of the slides

  • Further discussion needed due to the different modelling approaches in CityGML, gbXML, IFC and EnergyPlus. Further explanations to be given by J. Benner (KIT) in his presentation (see later)

About CityGML Dynamizers

Kanishk Chaturvedi and Thomas Kolbe(TU München)
Presentation: PDF file of the slides

  • The Dinamizers allow to store dynamic values separately from the original attributes
  • Although conceived as part of CityGML 3.0, it is planned to be released also as ADE also for CityGML 2.0 (late 2016?)
  • Supports patterns, possibility to integrate sensors and observations
  • Please refer to slides for details.

About Energy ADE licensing

Thomas Kolbe (TU München) and Volker Coors (HFT)

  • First possibility: approach OGC, i.e. write best practice paper, it later becomes an official position, then it becomes a standard. All the copyrights then belong to the OGC (as CityGML now). In the case of an OCG licence, it remains to be clarifies whether the Energy ADE "belongs" to CityGML or remains "outside".
  • Second possibility: adopt an open source licence like Apache (or GPL, GNU, MIT, Creative Commons). All the original contributors have to be renamed if we use this. T.H. Kolbe's (TU München) suggestion: go with Apache solution and then everything that is done afterwards will always have to mention previous contributors. The MoU SIG3D–OGC could be used to create one for Energy ADE–OGC.
  • P. Cipriano (Sinergis) suggests ISA Core Vocabularies – Open Metadata License.
  • R. Nouvel (HFT): The license should be part of the 0.7 release. An email exchange and a discussion on the issue will take place.

Report from the WG Occupancy

Piergiorgio Cipriano (Sinergis)
Presentation: PDF file of the slides

  • Presented an exaple of a building that has: post office, company office and public dwellings.
  • Please refer to slides for details

Linking CityGML with EnergyPlus

Patrick Holcik and Giorgio Agugiaro(AIT)
Presentation: PDF file of the slides

  • Master thesis from TU Wien/AIT: define a bidirectional interface between CityGML and EnergyPlus
  • Issues, constraints and workarounds are discussed

About the thermal boundary concept in BIM

Joachim Benner (KIT)
Presentation: PDF file of the slides

  • Presentation and discussion about main differences in the BIM modelling of thermal boudaries
  • Examples with IFC
  • Example with gbXML
  • Please refer to slides for details

Different approaches for simulation of energy performance at district level based on CityGML

Iñaki Prieto Furundarena (TECNALIA)
Presentation: PDF file of the slides

  • Brief overview of TECNALIA's projects with CityGML and energy
  • Parallel experiences so far, similar ADE developments.
  • Please refer to slides for details

Ideas for including industrial buildings in the Energy ADE

Wolfgang Glatzl (AEE-Intech)
Presentation: PDF file of the slides

  • Brief overview of AEE-Intech
  • About relevance of industrial buildings at city scale, some examples
  • First reasonings on how to adapt the Energy ADE
  • Please refer to slides for details

Ideas for a database implementation of the Energy ADE

Richard Redweik (virtualcitySystems)
Presentation: PDF file of the slides

  • Brief presentation of virtualcitySystems and how they relate to the Energy ADE
  • Possible strategies to implement the Energy ADE within the 3DcityDB
  • Some (partial and tailor-made) implementations already exist.
  • TU Münich is working on a solution to automatically manage any ADE with the 3DcityDB
  • Please refer to slides for details

Consclusions and next steps

Romain Nouvel (HFT Stuttgart)
Presentation: PDF file of the slides

  • Final work is needed before release of Energy ADE v.0.7 (expected end June/July 2016)
    • Close few remaining open tickets
    • Further update/improve guidelines
    • Choose a license
  • Topics for the following releases:
    • Application/Integration of dinamizers
    • DB implementation
    • Ontology concept for measures
    • Adaptations for industrial buildings
    • More applications and case studies are welcome!
  • Next workshop: very probably in northern Italy around second half of November, details will be given asap by P. Cipriano (Sinergis).